dreamoc™ Hologram FAQ


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The best Hologram display solution for marketing campaigns and events

dreamoc™ is a Hologram box designed to display incredible visual contents to attract attention in any busy commercial setting. Moreover, it can host a physical product which will be surrounded by Holograms content. This Mixed Reality device playing animated graphics is an incredible eye-catching solution that will captivate a large audience at any age.


What is a Hologram?

A Hologram is an image developed in 3 dimensions and displayed by a source of light. This image can either represent a real object or can be animated with fictional content. Bringing such innovative technology to showcase your brand and products results in boosting visibility for your audience ! The Holograms developed by the VAIVA team can be displayed using the dreamoc™ hardware solutions.

Do these hardware solutions come in different sizes?

dreamoc™ comes in a range of sizes / models (optional parts are available) :

  • HD3.2 W560 x H342 x D420 mm
  • POP3 W548 x H370 x D500 mm
  • XL3 (W1035x H550 x D685 mm
  • XXL3 (W1980x H1952 x D1780 mm ; different colours are available
  • diamond (W2360x H1710 x D2360 mm

Download Dreamoc™ full description

Which businesses use dreamoc?

Any business showcasing visual contents to promote their brand and products use dreamoc™ mixed reality boxes. Many retailers already equipped their shops, galleries and showrooms with the dreamoc™ to maximize visibility and unique stories behind their brands.

Thanks to small sizes of dreamoc™ HD3.2, POP3 and XL3, these boxes are easily transportable and bring an incredible visual effect, with a modern and elegant touch to your products. Working as true eye-catchers, retailers are fond of these devices because they are designed to showcase small items such as fragrance bottles, watches, pieces of jewellery and many more.

Large sizes of dreamoc™ XXL3 and diamond™ offer larger displays that will target bigger audiences. Featured with full HD LED screens and their own sound system, these devices are built for large exhibitions, big events, shopping malls, duty-free zones as the audience can move around it and therefore, live your storytelling. These displays can host larger items such as laptops, travel gears or fashion items, or on contrary display small high precision products significantly enlarged to get them noticed and engage your customers into communication.

I have a project idea, can VAIVA help me develop a content to be displayed on this device?

Absolutely! VAIVA can help you develop a fascinating storytelling content to display in your Hologram dreamoc™. By working with a strong team of developers specialized in hologram technology, the VAIVA team supports you from brainstorming, storyboarding, campaign and marketing planning, conception and design to the final implementation. Our mission is to create a synergy between marketers and developers to make sure the storytelling meets technology. This is how we bring imagination to life. So, what is your unique story?

How do my contents appear on dreamoc™?

Your contents can be saved on USB, tablet, laptop or smartphone. Then, your device is pluged directly to the dreamoc™ to display the content of your choice.