DeepFrame™ FAQ


Download DeepFrame™ full description

Discover the revolutionary DeepFrame™

A 64” optical lens designed to give a telescope effect to your content displayed on a transparent screen in 4K LG OLED. Moreover,  it’s the latest innovative technology using Augmented Reality solution and brings to life any of your multidimensional content. An outstanding way to showcase products and services! Indeed, the effect created by DeepFrame™ is incredible as it feels like the whole content comes out of the screen and moves around the room ! Thanks to its mobile screen, this device can be easily installed and reinstalled in a showroom, retail stand, exhibit and more.

What about the size ?

This device comes in 2 models:

  • DeepFrame™ basic kit including a framed optical lens (W1350 x H1350 x D100); optional parts are available.
  • DeepFrame™ One including a curved optical lens and an OLED 65” screen; all parts are included.

Download DeepFrame™ full description

Which businesses use DeepFrame™?

Any business showcasing visual contents to promote their brand and products. Moreover, the LEGO flagship store, the National Museum of Lichtenstein and numerous expositions, events, summits, shopping malls etc… already have invested in DeepFrame™ technology. Also, the capacity of this powerfull device to project 3D graphics in a “pinch-expand” finger touch mode is ideal for displaying technical items of high precision. A powerfull tool currently used by fine watchmakers, jewellery designers, automotive industry to demonstrate detailed part of engineering and many more. DeepFrame™ can storytell high definition video content, multidimensional graphics, and even broadcast a live speaker from any point in the world into your room ! What is your project to showcase your business activity ?

I have a project idea, can VAIVA help me develop content to display on DeepFrame™?

Absolutely! VAIVA can help you develop a fascinating storytelling content to be displayed : from high definition images and video, 3D graphics to animation, drone, 360 filming. In partnership with a strong team of developers, we support you from the very begining of your project to its brainstorming final implementation . Furthermore, we create synergy between marketers and developers to make sure the storytelling meets technology to bring imagination to life. So, what is your unique story?

Do I need any special equipment to display my content on DeepFrame™?

No special equipment is necessary as any smartphone, laptop or tablet can work on it. In fact, you simply need to plug your device to the optical screen of your choice using either HDMI, USB, VGA or any existing connection. Once your device is connected you will be able to play the content and let the magic begin!